Our Smoothies


Included in EVERY Class

In each M-Powered Kids session we finish our class by making a nourishing whole foods smoothie TOGETHER! 

When children are a part of creating their food they are much more likely to want to eat it. At the end of each of our Kids Classes we gather around a few different ingredients (mainly fruits and at least one veggie) and a blender and make the smoothie magic happen!


Body Benefits

It may be true that you often hear from your child, "I don't like (insert fruit or vegetable here), I'm not going to eat that.", believe me, I hear it too! However, before we try each smoothie we teach the children the "body benefits" of each ingredient. Because when we know how a food positively affects our body we are making an informed decision to try it.


Nourishing on the inside and out

M-Powered Kids' goal is to create a foundation of healthy living that carries on throughout life. By finishing each active class of Zumba, Yoga and Pound with a wholesome smoothie we are replenishing our bodies and creating a balance of health on the inside that transforms into healthy living outside too. 

Because, for our minds and bodies, what we put in there directly affects what we put out there.

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